When it comes to ascension and spiritual awakening....


For beginners; ... search facebook youtube google for 'acension' 'spiritual awakening' 'lightworker' 'empath' 'clairvoyant' or 'medium' to read about them to get some background info or join FB groups with those names to get alot of info and suggestions or help.


For those who already know; ... listen to yourself, do not follow Masters, gurus or those claiming to be "certified" in this or that. Because the answers you look for is ALREADY IN YOU... so look not for any guidance outside of yourself but close your eyes (if that help you to focus on your awareness) and listen to your own inner self.



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Increase your vibration; Low vibration;


Love Hate, fear, worry about things out of your control like watching the news

meditation or yogaego, lies, illusion

live in the moment white sugar

calm music judge people, drama

listen to your inner self self-doubt like "it cannot be done", guilt, shame

drink only water, eat healthy food. drinking beer wine spiritus

teach or be of service money, attachments

let go of attachments having to compete, winner mentality


We've learned all the wrong things all our life:


schools are bad because they train us to use the servant (rational mind) and ignore our sacred gift (intuitive mind).


governments are bad because they create artifical limits like money (creating poordom) and national borders

(creating "us and them" mentality, nationalism wich is judgment of others). Governments also belive they own us and our

homes but actually we the people owns everything and governments have stolen our property (Earth) and life from us.


religions are bad because they make you belive in a supreme being, creating the false idea that you are a lesser being.

But you are all gods and limitless.


psychology is not science but illusion. All the patients in psychiatric clinics that repeatedly return and those

killing themself prove without doubt that psychology of the west does not work and are therefore not science.

The medication done in psychiatric clinics is waste of money as they worsen the problem for the patients.

We in the west must look to Africa and Asia and learn from shamans because what they do actually work.


sunlight is healing. It does NOT cause chancer. Sunblocks cause chancer. Use your head when sunbathing; don't do it

when the sun is at it hightest position in the sky +/- 2 hours or more depending. And stay in the sun only for 20 minutes

the first few days and then increase the time.


our body isn't who we are. We are beings full of energy (witch is our soul) and everlasting while our body is a temporary vessel.

That is why medicine does not work on spiritual matters.


sex is stigmatized in todays society. But sex is actually a beautiful social act of love and healing between two people.

Laws forbidding sex is a law forbidding love and healing, wich is unacceptable. There cannot be any age limits for love.

Willing sex for both partisants require alot of trust or having a need for psychological healing. Hugs and kisses to everybody!


children are underestimated. "They are just children" is how most adults think of them even when they are teenagers.

But children of today is born with knowledge of their previous lives that we of older generations were not allowed

to bring with us when we were born, altogh we were allowed to be born with the wisdom of previous lives. So take

them seriously when they say something even if it goes against your own knowledge because we old people born

before 200X (twothousand and x) learned all the wrong things when we grew up. So today WE must listen to kids, not

the other way around... altough as I said we do have some wisdom we can share with the kids. Teenagers are adults and

from natures side ment to create a family if they wish, belive in them.



Xun Silverstar