Love you


Today people live under these limitations;


- farmers must deal with temperature, rain or lack thereof, winds like whirlwinds and tornadoes, dirt quality, insects

and animals taking their share of the food. And more problems like overflowing rivers.

- cities have enormous areal wasted in rooftops like in storage buildings, not to mention asphalt areal for roads and parking lots.

- power lines everywhere even out of towns, expecially the hight voltage lines waste alot of minerals like copper and in addition the powerlines cause health problems for those who work, live, learn or play near them.

- big cities might have a fresh water shortage and too much sewage production.

- most cities are build around rivers and lakes and along the coast. But that is where life would be most active and thriving. All that space we occupy is that much less space for life. That means less natural resourches to us.


But all these limitations is imaginary and can easily be overcome. Here is my suggestions;


farmers; indoor farming of plants giving the farmer full control of plant growth, no rain or wind or temperature that can kill the season. Plants does not neccesary need dirt as there is liquid nutrient. There's hardly any limit as to how many floors/levels one can plant, that with artifical sunlight or mirrors to reflect the real sunlight. Meaning limitless food supply and any plant can be grown anywhere.

rooftops; could be filled with sun panels or used for indoor farming or both.

asphalt; we are today capable of making small flying machines that dosen't need helicopter rotors... so no need for roads.

power lines; our homes and cottages (and boats and so forth) can get its eletricity directly out of thin air.

fresh water; it's easy to produce water. Seen a wet window early in the morning? Water production. Warm on one side and cold on the other produces water. We can make cities out in space with an orbit that always leaves one side of the city in the dark away from the sun. Water in the form of ice will appear there giving the space station all its water...

sewage; each home can use the sunlight to burn away almost anything, not just sewage. Barring sunlight one could always burn it up along the chimney/fireplace.

building cities; With all the above in mind we can place all our cities on mountaintops, or at least above the treeline.

This would leave the most natural thriving areas to animals and plants. We can live anywhere.

Added benefit; no need to cut trees to get building materials, the building materials are already there

namely the mountains themselves. Back to the stone age with a difference...